My holiday is nearly over.


be over My holidays are nearly over.
blow over He thinks the current controversy will soon blow over.
get over It took me two weeks to get over my last cold.
have over I'd rather have this thing over with as soon as possible.


Thinking about something carefully or examining it, very often because you want to make a decision.

check over Don't hand in a report until you have checked it over carefully.
chew over I haven't had a chance to chew things over.
go over I wanted to go over a few things with you.
look over After that I finally had time to look the device over, and I really liked what I saw.
moon over He's still mooning over her ex.
mull over Company executives are mulling over what to do with the building.
pore over His lawyers are poring over the small print of the contract.
puzzle over This is something I've puzzled over for most of my adult life.
rake over We cannot afford to waste our time settling old scores and raking over the past.
skim over I assume I missed something when I skimmed over the document.
talk over We talked it over and everyone thought it was such a great idea.
think over The offer was made by letter so I had time to think it over very carefully.
turn over After turning it over in my mind for a few minutes I said yes.

Transferring or changing

carry over Unused funds can be carried over from year to year.
change over The introduction of the euro was the largest currency changeover ever made.
come over Sooner or later, they will come over to our way of thinking.
cross over He crossed over from pop to country music back in 2003.
do over  
go over to  
hand over He was forced to hand over the money.
make over  
move over I moved over to Perth in July 2004.
roll over The proposed solution is to roll the debt over, hoping things will get better.
sign over Don't sign over the title without the cash in hand.
swap over  
switch over This will make switching over to the new system easier.
talk over I managed to talk him over.
take over If George dies, who will take over the project?
tide over We gave him some money to tide him over until he finds a job.
turn over  
win over Stop trying so hard to win her over and gain her attention.


Going somewhere. Sometimes it just means going to the other side of a room or to where somebody is.

come over He came over to our table and said hello.
glance over She glanced over her shoulder.
go over I went over and told them to leave her alone.
move over She moved over to the window seat.
pull over We got pulled over by police for speeding.
roll over I popped her in bed and she rolled over and fell asleep.
run over  
turn over  


do over If you had to do it over again, what things would you do differently?
start over Ever wish you could rewind time and start over?


Going go somebody's place or going somewhere.

ask over We were thinking about asking you over for lunch.
come over You could come over and have dinner.
go over We decided not to go over to their place.
have over We had our parents over for dinner.
stay over We spent the day together and they stayed over that night.
stop over We stopped over at the lovely coffee shop.
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