Do you think you could help me out?

Out is the opposite of in. It means not in, not inside. So verbs with out mean leaving or being outside. Of course, if you're outside we could say you're not taking part in a certain activity or situation, maybe because you have been excluded from it or you're not interested in it.

Outside or leaving

Being or moving outside. This usually means that you leave a place. Sometimes it gives the idea of leaving home or doing something outdoors.

ask out How do I ask out a girl without offending her and ruining our friendship?
back out We went in but had to back out quickly because of the unpleasant smell.
be out I've been out with him a few times and he hasn't even kissed me.
break out She broke out of prison and was a fugitive for two months.
buy out If you are rich, you can always buy your way out of prison.
check out After breakfast I checked out of the hotel.
clear out The garden shed needs clearing out.
clock out I clocked out a bit early and went home.
come out I just came out for a breath of fresh air.
eat out Read our reviews on eating out in restaurants, cafes and pubs in Brighton.
get out You should get out and enjoy yourself.
go out I was wondering if you fancied going out tonight.
hang out They love hanging out together.
keep out This gate has been great at keeping the dogs out of the nursery.
let out I let the dog out for a quick pee.
move out When he moved out he left the flat in a shambles.
pop out He popped out for a bite at lunchtime.
pull out American troops have finally pulled out of this region.
put out He put his tongue out.
run out He ran out of the building to escape the fire.
set out Drivers are advised to listen to traffic bulletins and plan journeys before setting out.
slip out Some intelligence reports say he might have slipped out of the country.
start out He started out at 6:30 in the morning.
storm out He was so angry he stormed out of the room.
turn out Around a thousand people turned out for the celebrations.
trudge out I had to trudge out in the rain to buy what I needed.


Not being included or not taking part in something. Avoiding something.

back out of They became suspicious and backed out of the deal.
blank out Blank out bad news and focus on the positive.
block out Winners block out everything they can't control.
bottle out For some reason, he bottled out at the last minute.
bow out She's just bowed out on me.
cancel out I had to cancel out my credit card.
chicken out I was ready to do it but I chickened out.
chuck out I got chucked out of the club for being too drunk.
contract out The project implementation has been contracted out to NGOs.
cop out He said he'd do it but he copped out at the last minute.
count out Well, you can count me out. I'm done.
crash out Liverpool crashed out of the competition.
cross out Remember to cross out the answers when you use them.
crowd out There's a danger that he will crowd out our message with his antics.
cut out It's particularly important that you cut out fatty foods.
drown out Their message was drowned out by the controversy.
drop out He dropped out of the training course because it was too difficult.
duck out She ducked out of her responsibilities.
fall out They fell out and didn't talk to each other for months.
farm out Some government-run services will be farmed out to the private sector.
filter out Parents concerned about what their children can see online have several options to filter out adult material.
get out I want to get out of the group.
keep out The scheme helps kids keep out of trouble.
kick out He was kicked out for being rude.
leave out She left out all the juicy details.
miss out Don't miss out on this chance to see them live!
opt out The contract allowed them to opt out after two years.
pull out He has pulled out of the presidential election race.
root out We are going to root out corruption within our ranks.
rule out He did not rule out legal action.
stay out You promised me you'd stay out of this.
throw out You can't just throw me out!
tune out Passengers tend to tune out safety announcements.
weasel out They will do anything to weasel out of their responsibilities.
wimp out He wimped out of doing the jump.
winnow out It can be difficult to winnow out the options.
zone out She zones out with headphones and doesn't make too much of an effort to talk to people.

Solution; result; searching & finding

Trying to find an answer or solution to a problem or something you don't know or understand. It often refers to the result of something, maybe discovering something or finding or presenting some information.

bear out This is not borne out by research.
check out Check the facts out before you start torturing yourself.
catch out I'm relieved that we didn't get caught out.
come out They came out on top.
dig out I'm going to dig out some old clothes and do some gardening.
draw out The task is designed to draw out key issues.
fathom out I'm trying to fathom out how to use my new phone.
feel out I will feel out my father and see what he thinks.
ferret out They are determined to ferret out the truth.
figure out It took some time for her to figure out how to juggle movie stardom, marriage and motherhood.
find out She's going to find out sooner or later.
fish out He calmly fished his papers and passport out of his bag.
get out I had to get the truth out of him.
hammer out Officials will try to hammer out a compromise at a meeting on Friday.
hash out World leaders will try to hash out an agreement to cut emissions.
have out She was determined to have it out with him.
help out Do you think you guys could help us out?
hug out Some words were exchanged but everyone was able to hug it out in the end.
hunt out Their using drones to hunt out rebels.
iron out They're testing the system to iron out any teething problems.
lay out She made a speech laying out her vision for combating climate change.
look out Look out! There's a car coming.
lose out Single parent families will lose out under the new system.
make out He couldn't make out what they were saying.
mark out Brightly colored clothes can mark you out as a foreigner and may attract unwanted attention.
nose out He managed to nose out some important facts.
pick out I want to pick out a dress that makes you feel beautiful.
piece out He's trying to piece out what happened.
point out Admit the charge but point out the strain you were under.
prise out He is determined to prise it out of her.
puzzle out They tried to puzzle out how she died.
reason out The questions require the student to reason out the answer.
root out I must have some somewhere. I'll try and root some out for you.
scope out Always scope out all the options before deciding.
screw out They managed to screw a confession out of him.
search out I really enjoyed searching out old, interesting corners of the town.
seek out With household budgets becoming tighter, consumers are seeking out the best prices.
single out People are singled out every day for being different.
smell out He can smell out trouble.
smoke out We may have to smoke him out.
sniff out She is renowned for her exceptional nose for sniffing out talent.
sort out There's nothing more you can do. You should let the lawyers sort it out.
sound out I wanted to sound out how people felt about this.
spell out The country must spell out where it stands on this issue.
spit out If you're gonna say something, just spit it out.
squeeze out They've been trying to squeeze more information out of him.
stake out American agents flew to London and staked out the address with British police officers.
suss out He first considered denying it, but it was pointless since she quite obviously had sussed him out.
talk out I think you should try and talk things out.
tease out We've been trying to tease out the truth.
test out We're trying to test out ideas to see what sticks.
think out The details were carefully thought out.
thrash out Negotiators are trying to thrash out a common position.
try out Would you like to try out this new product?
turn out I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.
work out I finally worked out the answer to the problem.
worm out I tried two or three times to worm the secret out of him.
wring out They are trying to wring out information about his background.


Used when something that you can't see or has been hidden or secret suddenly appears.

bring out We all have met people who bring out the best in us.
come out I'm very confident the truth will come out.
come out in I recently had a reaction and came out in spots.
get out If word gets out, it could ruin her career.
hatch out They take several days to hatch out.
jump out at The one thing that jumps out at you is his skill.
leap out The door opened and they leapt out.
let out You will feel a hundred times better for letting it out.
mark out The clothes you wear can mark you out as a certain type of person.
ooze out Blood was still oozing out of the wound.
pick out I could barely pick it out with binoculars.
pop out He suddenly popped out from nowhere.
single out He's been singled out as one of the most innovative and influential artists.
slip out The words just slipped out.
stand out What stands out about the pub is the truly welcoming and hospitable atmosphere.
stick out That's clearly what she wants. It sticks out a mile.

To the public; available; to many people

Used when an organization, company, etc, gives, sends or makes something available to the public.

be out The examination results are out today.
bring out The publisher wants to bring out a new edition of the book soon.
churn out Their hockey program has been one of the best at churning out talent.
come out His new film is coming out next month.
dish out She began dishing out advice to moms through her weekly newsletter.
fork out He's having to fork out for private tutoring for his daughter.
get out They want to get the film out in time for Christmas.
give out Give out the questionnaires and ask students to complete them.
go out The winter newsletter is going out to all members now.
hand out Aid is now being handed out in hard pressed rural areas of the country.
hire out We hire out bikes by the hour.
leak out The story leaked out on social media last night.
pay out The insurance company aren't gonna pay out.
portion out The work was portioned out to several subcontractors.
pour out She pours her heart out in her songs.
pump out The site pumps out articles that are informative and well researched.
put out They put the word out that they were looking for sponsors to help fund the project.
rent out It has never been so easy to rent out your apartment or room.
roll out The scheme is currently being rolled out across the country.
send  out Send out letters to all on your list so they can plan for the date and respond.
share out We made popcorn and shared it out.
turn out They company has been turning out products that do not meet standards.

Producing sounds, smells, signals, etc

blare out Music blared out from a loudspeaker.
blast out I could hear rock music blasting out of a small radio.
blurt out Too often we blurt out things that we wish we could take back.
burst out When I heard about it I burst out laughing.
call out I called out her name but got no answer
come out with She's always coming out with the most outrageous remarks.
cry out He was crying out in great pain.
give out She gave out a loud scream.
let out Hagrid let out a howl like a wounded dog.
pump out The music pumped out from the bar.
read out He read out the text to them.
shout out We all shouted out the numbers as they flashed on the TV.

Ending; disappearing; completely

When something is finished or you finish it. Sometimes, it means its done to the end or completely, until nothing is left.

back out The company is thought to have become suspicious and backed out of the deal.
battle out Come and watch the finalists battle it out for the top spot.
be out We need to go shopping because we're out of bread.
beat out He tried desperately to beat out the flames.
black out The windows had been blacked out to ensure filming was undisturbed.
blow out She made a wish and blew out the candles.
bomb out The church was bombed out in the Battle of Normandy.
bow out He's expected to bow out at the end of the season.
burn out Firefighters will be forced to let the fire burn out.
carry out The police don't know who carried out the attack.
clean out Don't play poker with him; he'll clean you out!
conk out The old fan finally conked out.
crash out She crashed out of the speed skating final.
die out The showers died out in the evening.
drag out It's better for both of us if we don't drag it out.
drop out He dropped out of college because of financial difficulties.
fade out The initial effects tend to fade out over time.
fag out This sort of work can really fag me out.
fizzle out Interest in the project fizzled out when financing collapsed.
flake out The contractor flaked out on us.
flunk out She flunked out of college.
flush out Dinking pleenty of water helps the body flush out toxins.
give out My old washing machine finally gave out.
go out Firefighters remained on the scene the fire went out.
grind out He ground out his cigarette in the ashtray.
grow out of I never grew out of my childhood love for candy.
hear out Before you throw things at me, just hear me out a second.
knock out They were knocked out in the second round of the semi-finals.
lose out You should act now to make sure that you do not lose out.
luck out We totally lucked out.
pass out When he saw the blood on his leg he passed out.
peg out I nearly pegged out when they told me the price.
peter out The dirt track eventually petered out at a small sheep farm.
phase out The system is finally being phased out.
play out We'll have to wait and see how it plays out.
puff out He puffed out his cheeks.
put out Please put out your cigarette. This is a no-smoking area.
run out The printer has run out of paper.
sell out The shows are sold out. There are no tickets left.
serve out I do not think the president will serve out his term.
sit out We sat out the storm in a shelter with the park ranger and 6 other stranded campers.
smooth out Officials have been working to smooth out the remaining differences.
snap out of She told me to snap out of it and stop being so silly.
snuff out The fire was quickly snuffed out.
sputter out The engine sputtered out.
stamp out The authorities must redouble their efforts to stamp out corruption.
stress out Don't do it if it's stressing you out.
stub out He stubbed his cigar out in the ashtray.
take out Take out the enemy helicopters using the rocket launcher.
talk out I think you should try and talk things out.
tire out The kids were tired out after swimming.
top out Inflation topped out at 1.9%.
turn out I turned the light out to go to sleep.
walk out on Her partner walked out on her after she began gambling.
wear out I'm always tired, doctor. I'm absolutely worn out at the end of the day.
wipe out The village was wiped out by a disastrous flood.

Extending, spreading; resisting

Increasing the size or extent of something. Resisting until something bad is finished.

brave out This jacket is a must have to brave out the cold.
brazen out He is the kind of character that would brazen it out.
broaden out They hope the new accessories will broaden out the appeal of the brand.
carve out She has carved out a successful solo career, selling more than 22 million records.
drag out The talks dragged out for nearly another month until they finally reached an agreement.
eke out The land is arid and dry so I imagine it's difficult to eke out a living.
fan out The police arrived and checked the vehicle before fanning out to try and find the man.
flesh out It's a detailed plan, but still needs fleshing out in some areas.
fluff out She fluffed her hair out.
hold out Few seem to hold out hope for democracy in the country.
hollow out The vast cellars had been hollowed out in the rock.
last out I doubt very seriously that he'll last out the winter.
let out Your seamstress can just let the dress out a little bit.
live out He lived out the last years of his life at a care home in the area.
mark out The path was clearly marked out.
pad out Don't pad out the essay.
pan out Let's see how things pan out.
psych out He did his best to psych out his opponent.
puff out He puffed out his cheeks.
put out He put out his hand.
reach out The party has failed to reach out to minorities.
ride out We should carefully choose and prepare a safe place to ride out the storm.
scratch out He's just an ordinary guy trying to scratch out a living.
see out The manager admitted that his side lacked the concentration required to see the game out.
sit out We sat out the storm in a shelter with the park ranger and 6 other stranded campers.
slug out Chelsea and Tottenham continue to slug it out at the top.
sprawl out We sprawled out on the sand.
spread out He's going to spread out the workload over a longer period of time.
stare out He tried to stare me out.
stick out We just have to stick it out for a few more days.
straighten out He tried to straighten out the mess they had made.
stretch out She stretched out her hand.
string out I think they will string out the negotiations as long as they possibly can.
sweat out We are sweating it out waiting for news.
tough out Should I quit my job or tough it out?
wait out We can wait out the storm in the basement.
win out Loyalty has won out over profits.
zoom out Use the zoom slider control on the left side of the map to zoom out.


hit out He hit out at those who questioned him following the game.
lash out He lashed out at those making accusations against him.
speak out What they saw was so awful they decided they had to speak out.
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