Quick Takeaway List


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A simple list of phrasal verbs for students who are in a hurry to learn just a few basic verbs.

The dictionary will give you more detailed information and you can find plenty of examples in Build.

be off.- 1 be cancelled: The meeting is off. 2 leave: I'll be off, then. See you later.

be over.- be finished: My holidays are nearly over.

be up to.- 1 be somebody's responsibility: It's up to him to make that decision. 2 be doing or thinking of doing something bad: I knew Paul was up to no good.

blow up.- 1 explode: A suicide bomber blew himself up near a crowded market. 2 inflate: More volunteers are needed to blow up the balloons. 3 become angry: He blew up when a reporter asked him about his drinking.

break down.- 1 stop working: Sorry I'm late. The car broke down on the way here. 2 lose control and cry: He broke down and admitted that he couldn't cope with the situation.

break up.- end: The couple argued constantly and finally broke up.

bring up.- take care of children until they're adults: He was brought up by his aunt.

brush up.- revise something you've partly forgotten: I want to brush up my English because I haven't studied it for 5 years.

call back.- return a phone call or call later: Just leave your contact information below, and we will call you back as soon as possible.

calm down.- relax: Don't get so angry! Just calm down.

carry out.- do a task: According to a survey carried out in 1999 one in five Britons are now opting for alternative medicine.

catch up.- reach somebody or reach certain level: She tried to catch up with the other competitors, but they were just too fast.

check in.- report that you have arrived at a hotel or airport: We checked into the hotel a little after midnight.

check out.- 1 check that something is true: Don't forget to check out the information. 2 pay your bill and leave: After breakfast, I checked out of the hotel.

cheer up.- feel happier: I took him to the party because he needed cheering up.

come across.- find by chance: I came across an old friend in the street.

come on.- make progress: How's dinner coming on? I'm starving.

come round.- 1 visit: Would you like to come round on Saturday? We'll be in all day. 2 recover conciousness: I had no idea what had happened to me when I came round.

come up with.- 1 think of: You're going to have to come up with something to tell her. 2 produce: It was impossible for me to come up with the money that was needed by Friday.

cut down.- reduce: You should at least cut down on the amount you smoke.

cut off.- disconnect: We were cut off in the middle of our telephone conversation.

do up.- improve: I spent a month doing up the flat and I think it's quite nice now.

drop off.- 1 fall asleep: The girl was so tired that she dropped off to sleep at once. 2 take somebody in your car: Come on. I'll drop you off at your flat.

fall over.- fall to the ground: She slipped on the ice and fell over.

fill in.- complete: She gave me a form and told me to fill it in.

fall out.- stop being friends: They fell out and didn't talk to each other for nine months.

fill up.- become full: Places are filling up fast on courses starting in the new year.

find out.- discover: She's going to find out sooner or later.

get in.- 1 enter: Get into the car. We're leaving. 2 arrive: Can you tell Mr Harrison to phone me as soon as he gets in?

get off.- leave a vehicle: Just as we got off the bus, it started to rain.

get on.- 1 have a good relationship: David's nice, but I don't get on with Mark. 2 go aboard a vehicle: I got on the train and travelled all the way to Kings Cross.

get out.- 1 leave: A security guard told him to get out. 2 become known: Word got out that a nuclear submarine was coming into port.

get over.- recover: She's slowly getting over her illness.

get up.- get out of bed: She gets up at seven every morning.

give away.- give something for free: I had a lot of books I didn't want to keep so I gave them away to a friend.

give out.- distribute: Her job is to answer questions and give out leaflets.

give up.- stop trying to do something or stop using something: Eating healthfully does not mean you have to give up everything that you enjoy.

go off.- 1 explode: The bomb went off just metres from the market entrance. 2 not good anymore: Put the milk in the fridge or it will go off.

go through.- pass: We're sure that you will get through your exam.

grow up.- develop from child to adult: He grew up in a small village in the country.

hold on.- wait: All our lines are busy, but please hold on.

hold up.- 1 delay: The march held up traffic in the city centre but there was no trouble or arrests. 2 rob: He was held up at gunpoint.

lay off.- sack: They will have to lay off some of their staff.

let down.- disappoint: I was supposed to travel with a friend but she let me down at the last moment.

let off.- 1 not punish or punish lightly: She was let off with a fine. 2 make something explode: Make sure you let off fireworks in an open space.

look after.- take care: He's looking after the children.

look forward to.- be excited about something that's going to happen: I'm looking forward to the concert.

look up.- search for information: He looked up all the new words in the dictionary.

make up.- invent: I'm not making it up. It's true.

own up.- admit you've done something wrong: After 3 days in the police station he finally owned up and admitted that he had committed the crime.

pick up.- 1 lift someone or something: I couldn't even begin to pick it up, it was too heavy. 2 collect: I'll pick you up at your house at seven. 3 win: Cameron Diaz picked up two awards for Charlie's Angels.

put away.- 1 put something where it's usually kept: After they use something, it's their responsibility to put it away. 2 eat or drink: I can put away quite a few pints of Guinness. 3 save: He's put away a decent sum of money. 4 send to prison: I hope he gets put away for life.

put down.- stop holding: He finished the book and put it down on the table.

put off.- do later: Let's put off the meeting until Monday.

put on.- wear: Put on your coat. It's cold.

put out.- extinguish: Please, put out your cigarette.

put up with.- accept an unpleasant behaviour or situation: His children play their music so loud - I don't know how he puts up with it.

run out.- use something until it's finished: Oh no! We're running out of petrol.

sell out.- sell something until it's finished: Last year, reportedly, all 40,000 of these tickets sold out in the first 40 minutes.

set off.- start a journey: They set off early in the morning.

set up.- start or prepare something: The Government is expected to set up an inquiry into allegations of corruption.

settle down.- start living a quiet life somewhere: At the age of 32, he decided to stop travelling and settle down in a quiet town in England.

slow down.- become slow or slower. Move more slowly: If you don't slow down, you will have an accident.

sort out.- find a solution: There's nothing more you can do. You should let the lawyers sort it out.

speak up.- speak in a loud voice. Speak without hesitation: I'm sorry, I can't hear you very well. Could you speak up?

take after.- be like or look like a member of your family: She takes after her dad.

take off.- remove your clothes: He was hot so he took off his jacket.

take up.- develop an interest: The children have taken up tennis and they're really enjoying it.

tell off.- speak angrily to somebody when they have done something wrong: I came home late and my mother told me off.

throw away.- get rid of something: Don't throw away that magazine. I want to keep it.

turn down.- 1 reduce the volumen: Could you turn down the music, please? 2 not accept: Pamela turned down his offer of marriage.

turn off.- disconnect: Please turn off the lights.

turn on.- dtart or connect: As soon as I got downstairs I turned on the television.

turn over.- change something so that it faces a different direction: Turn the paper over and reload it to print on the other side.

turn up.- 1 appear: I was so happy when you turned up! 2 increase the volumen or intensity: Could you turn up the radio, please?

wake up.- 1 stop sleeping: Don't wake up the baby. 2 become aware: One day they will wake up to the truth.

wear out.- 1 make you tired: The heat was starting to wear me out. 2 damage something after long use: Contact lenses wear out with time and should be replaced regularly.

work out.- 1 be successful or find a solution: I'm sorry things haven't worked out for you. 2 do exercise to get fit: I work out in a gym because it helps to reduce stress.

write out.- write something in detail or complete the information on something: Ring me when it is ready and I will write out a cheque.