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wade in (insep) start doing something in a determined or forceful way

wade through [wade through something] (file, paperwork, report) spend a lot of time doing some boring or difficult job plough through

wait about/around (insep) spend a long time doing nothing while you wait for someone or something

wait up (insep) not go to bed because you're waiting for someone

wake up to [wake up to something] (danger, fact, threat, problem, truth) become aware of a problem or dangerous situation

walk away from 1 [walk away from something] leave an unpleasant situation instead of dealing with it

2 not be hurt

walk away/off with [walk away with something, walk off with something] (prize, title, competition, medal, award, degree) win something

walk off [walk something off] (stress, anger, frustration, disquiet, headache, effect, pounds, kilos, excess weight, meal, lunch, dinner) get rid of it by walking work off

walk on (insep) continue walking

walk out (insep) 1 go on strike

2 abandon a negotiation, a meeting or a situation in protest

walk over [walk all over someone] (insep) treat someone badly by making them do whatever you want

ward off [ward off something] (insep) (attack, blow, cold, danger, disease, illness, intruders, injury, hunger, evil spirits, fatigue) prevent something from happening fend off, head off, stave off

wash down 1 [wash something down] clean a place with a lot of water hose down

2 [wash something down] drink something with food

watch out for [watch out for something] (danger, difficulties, problems, pickpockets ) be careful with something

water down 1 [water something down] add water to a drink so it's less strong

2 make something less extreme, forceful or controvesial

wave down [wave someone/something down] wave your hands to make a vehicle stop

wave off [wave someone off] wave to someone as they leave see off

wear off (insep) (effect, excitement, feeling, pain, shock, novelty, distress, stiffness, numbness) disappear gradually

wear on (insep) (day, meeting, night, time, afternoon, week) when something wears on, it passes slowly drag on, drag out

wear out 1 be very tired

2 [wear something out] (clothes, shoes, boots, carpet, batteries, excuse, patience) be damaged because you have used something a lot

weed out [weed something out] remove unwanted things or people

ween off [ween off something] (insep) gradually stop taking some drug or medicine

well up (insep) (tears, anger) start to show an emotion

weigh down be too heavy to carry or worry you

weigh up [weigh something up] (pros & cons, benefits) consider think about something carefully before taking a decision

wheel out [wheel something out] (arguments, statistics) use something too often used or heard before

whip up [whip something up] (interest, hatred, enthusiasm, opposition, passions, support, feeling, meal) try and make people have strongs feeling about something

win over [win someone over] manage to make someone like or accept you

wind down 1 Relax try to relax, usually because you are tired or after a long day of work

2 [wind something down] gradually reduce activity until something stops completely

wind up 1 end end in a certain situation or place end up

2 annoy [wind someone up] say or do things to annoy or make someone nervous

wipe out [wipe something out] destroy completely

wise up [wise up, wise up to something] (esp. US) use your common sense and become more aware of things

wish away [wish something away] (problem) do nothing and hope that something disappears

wittle away [wittle away at something, wittle something away] (also wittle something down) (insep) (debts, savings) gradually make smaller

work off [work something off] (stress, anger, frustration, aggression, disquiet, energy, headache, steam, effect, pain, pounds, kilos, excess weight, calories, meal, lunch, dinner, debt, loan) get rid of something by doing some form of exercise walk off

work out 1 go well

2 understand [work something out] manage to understand something

3 [work something out] (plan, proposal, agreement) plan something carefully or you arrange it

4 do physical exercise

work up [work something up] (appetite, enthusiasm, idea, support, sweat, thirst, nerve) gradually develop something

wrap up 1 (insep) put on warm clothes

2 [wrap something up] (job, agreement, deal) complete something in a satisfactory way wind up

3 [wrap something up] cover something in attractive paper

wriggle out [wriggle out of something] manage to avoid something you don't want to do

write down [write something down] write something on a piece of paper

write out [write something out] (cheque, draft, plan, prescription) write something down in great detail or you complete the necessary information

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