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tag along (insep) accompany someone, maybe uninvited go along, come along

take after [take after someone] be like someone in appearance, behaviour or character

take back 1 [take something back] return something somewhere or to its owner

2 Admit that something you said was wrong

take off 1 leave (insep) leave the ground

2 succeed become successful

3 remove [take something off] (coat, jacket, dress, shoes, lid, cover ) remove an item of clothing

4 imitate [take someone off] copy the way someone talks or their behaviour in order to make people laugh

take on 1 employ [take someone on] (workers, staff) employ someone

2 accept [take something on] (responsibility, role, client, job, task, problem) accept a responsibility or project

take to [take to someone] (insep) begin to like someone go off someone/something

take out get [take something out] (insurance, driving-licence, permit, loan, mortgage, policy, ad, patent, summons) apply for and get something

idiom take it out on be unpleasant to someone because you're angry or upset for some reason, even though it's not their fault

take over [take over, take something over] take control of something

take up start doing [take something up] (offer, challenge, opportunity, invitation, suggestion; fishing, golf, job) start doing an activity as a hobby, or accept a new job or offer

talk back (insep) answer someone in a possible of authority in a rude way

talk down [talk down to someone] (insep) talk to someone as if they are not important

talk into [talk someone into something] persuade someone to do something

taper off [taper off, taper something off] decrease gradually

tear away [tear someone away] make someone leave a place when they don't want to

tear into [tear into something] (fish, meal, enemy) start eating something eagerly; attack.

tell off [tell someone off] speak angrily to someone because they have done something wrong

think over [think something over] think about something or discuss it very carefully chew over, mull over

think through [think something through] (situation, project, business, idea, matter) consider all the different options

think up [think something up] (excuse, name, reason, idea, plan) produce something new by thinking

throw away 1 [throw something away] get rid of something

1 (chance, opportunity) waste something good

throw up 1 (insep) vomit

2 [throw something up] (problems, facts, lessons, points, information) produce something

3 (job, career, position) leave something. pack in

tide over [tide someone over]

tip off [tip someone off] (police, reporter, newspapers) give someone secret information

top up 1 refill [top something up] (drink, glass) add more liquid, powder, etc to a container

noun They were nice enough to give us a top-up on our coffee.

2 (phone, credit) add more money to something so it has the amount you need

touch on (insep) (issue, problem) briefly talk about something

tow away 1 [tow something away] (car) remove an illegally parked vehicle

trade in [trade something in] use something as payment

trickle down (insep) gradually reach poorer people

trickle in (insep) arrive slowly or in small numbers

trigger off [trigger something off] (alarm, explosion, fight, war, vilence, incident, illness) make something happen spark off, set off

tuck in 1 eat (insep, infml) begin to eat eagerly dig in

2 adjust [tuck someone in] make a child comfortable in bed by adjusting the blankets

turn down 1 [turn something down, turn someone down] (job, invitation, offer, request, opportunity, application) refuse to accept something take up

2 (radio, TV, heater, gas, sound, volume) reduce the noise, heat, etc turn up

turn into [turn into something] (insep) change into something

turn off [turn something off] change the controls so that something stops working switch something off turn on, switch on

turn on [turn something on] (radio, TV, heater, gas, tap, light) change the controls so that something starts working Switch on turn off, switch off

turn out (insep) happen in a certain way pan out, work out

turn up (insep) arrive or appear show up

type in [type something in] enter information into a computer

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