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rack up [rack something up] (losses, sales, points, titles) get a lot of something

rake in [rake something in] (cash, money, profits, revenues) earn or get a lot of money

rake up [rake something up] (scandal, the past, old grivances, quarrel, filth, mistake, misdeeds, story) remind someone of unpleasant events in the pas. dig up, dredge up

rattle on (insep) talk continuouly in a boring way rabbit on

rabbit on (insep) talk continuouly in a boring way rattle on

read on (insep) continue reading after having stopped

read out [read something out] (news, text, speech, statement, words) read in a loud voice so people can hear

rein in [rein something in] (anger, emotions, excitement, feelings, costs, spending) Prevent something from getting out of control

ring off (insep) Finish a phone conversation

ring up [ring someone up] phone someone call up, phone up

rip off [rip someone off] charge someone too much money

roll in (insep) (money, romours, buses, tanks) arrive in large numbersr

round off 1 [round something off] change a figure into the nearest whole number

2 finish Bring something to a pleasant end

round up 1 [round something up] (cattle, criminals, suspects) go after animals to put them altogether somewhere

2 increase something to the nearest whole number

rub along (insep) manage to have a satisfactory relationship

rub in [rub something in] keep talking about something that makes another person embarrased or makes them feel bad

rule out [rule something out] (possibility, idea) exclude something

run away leave a place by running; escape

run away from [run away from something] (insep) (responsibility, truth, facts, situation, reality) try to avoid dealing with something

run into 1 (insep) hit something with a vehicle

2 (insep) meet by chance come across

3 (insep) (difficulties, problems, trouble, opposition) experience problems or difficulties

4 (insep) reach a certain amount

run out [run out, run out of something] (insep) (money, time, patience, petrol, milk, coffee, sugar, supplies) use something until there's nothing left

run over [run over someone] (or an animal, often passive) hit someone with a car and drive over them

run up [run something up] (debt, bill, account, overdraft, deficit) be left with an amount of money you have to pay

run up against (insep) (competition, opposition, problems, resistance) experience an unexpected difficulty

rush in (insep) go in in a hurry rush out

rush off (insep) leave in a hurry dash off

rush out (insep) go out in a hurry rush in

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