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ooze out (insep) (gas, smoke, blood, tears) appear or leak; flow slowly

open out (insep) spread; become wider; unfold

open up 1 [open something up] open something

2 (insep) talk about your feelings or what you really think

opt in (insep) choose to join something. opt out

opt out (insep) choose to leave a system or operate independently. opt in

order about/around [order someone about/ around] give someone too many orders in an unpleasant way

order in 1 [order someone in] order someone to enter a place. order out

2 (insep) order food to eat at home

order off [order someone off] order a player to leave the field

order out [order someone out] order someone to leave. order in

own up (insep) admit a fault or having done something wrong

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