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naff off (slang) tell someone to go away, usually because you're angry fuck off, piss off

nail down [nail someone down] (answer, date, time, price) force someone to state their intentions clearly peg down, pin down

narrow down [narrow something down] (list, number, choice, options, possibilities, search) reduce or limit in some way

nip in (insep) go into a place quickly or for a short time nip out

nip off (insep) go somewhere quickly or for a short time

nip out nip off

nod off (insep) fall asleep unintentionally doze off, drop off

nose about/around/ into (insep) try to find out things about other people's affairs

nose out [nose something out] (details, facts, signs) discover by searching carefully

notch up [notch something up] (victory, sale, record sales, contract) achieve

note down [note something down] (address, number, message) write down jot down, take down, write down

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