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lag behind (insep) move more slowly than others

lap up [lap something up] accept (attention, admiration, information, praise) believe or accept with great pleasure

lash out criticize [lash out, lash out at someone] (insep) criticize or speak to angrily hit out

latch on (+ to) (insep) understand an idea or something being said

laugh off [laugh something off] (claims, criticism, matter, reports, rumours, suggestion, threats) dismiss as ridiculous or not important

lay down [lay something down] (the law, rules, conditions, price limits, speed limits, arms) establish what must be done

lay off [lay someone off] sack (workers, staff, men, employees) tell a worker to leave their job because there is no work for them to do anymore

leak out [leak out, leak something out] (news, story, details, information, word) become known by the public, usually when it was a secret

let down 1 [let something down] (bucket, rope, plane, tyre, balloon) lower or deflate

2 disappoint [let someone down]

idiom let your hair down when you let you hair down, you relax and enjoy yourself freely.

let in [let someone in] allow to come into a place

let off 1 [let someone off] give a light punishment or no punishment at all

2 [let something off] (gun, rifle, bomb, fireworks, cracker, rocket, steam) fire or make something explode

let on [let something on] (secret) reveal a secret

let out 1 release [let someone out, let something out] release; allow to leave a place, usually by unlocking the door

2 (cry, scream, yell, sigh, shout, gasp) make a loud sound

3 (dress, skirt, trousers) make clothes wider

4 (room, house) rent

let up (insep) (cough, crisis, pain, rain) become less strong or stop

lie down (insep) put your body in a flat position to rest or sleep

light up 1 start smoking

2 make bright or full of light

line up [line someone up, line something up] put people or things in a row

live down [live something down] behave in such a way that people forget about some unpleasant thing you did in the past

live in (insep) live in the same place you work or study

live off/on 1 [live off/on someone/something] (insep) (interest, land, money, savings) be the main source of money

2 survive on eat a lot of something

3 continue existing [live on] (insep) (dream, memory) continue to exist, usually after someone's death or some difficulty

liven up [liven something up] (party, flat, kitchen, meeting) make something more interesting or exciting jazz up, sex up

live up to [live up to something] (expectations, reputation, name, potential, principles, promises, ideals) be or do what people expect match up to

log off [log off, Log off something] exit a computer system

log on [log on, Log on to something] enter a computer system

look after [look after someone] (insep) (children, baby, patient) take care of someone or something

look around/round 1 (insep) turn to look at something behind you or look in different differections

2 [look round something, look around something] visit

3 (job, flat) go to different places looking for something

look back try to remember the past

look for [look for someone, look for something] (insep) try to find someone or somethin

look foward to [look forward to something] (insep) be happy about a future event because you know you will enjoy it

look into [look into something] (insep) (background, cause, history, matter, past) examine the facts

look out (insep) warn someone they are in danger

look up (insep) 1 (things, business, trade) improve

2 [look someone up] contact someone and pay them a visit after not having seen them for some time or because you happen to be where they live

3 [look something up] (word, number, information, time) find some information in a dictionary or reference book

look up to [look up to someone] admire and respect someone

lose out (insep) not have an advantage others have or be worse as a result of some change

lump together [lump something together] put things in one group or treat them in the same way

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