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keep away avoid someone or avoid going somewhere

keep back [keep something back] (emotions, anger, tears, information, evidence, ideas, crowd) control something or keep it secret hold back

keep down [keep something down] (prices, spending, noise, voice, weight) not increase something or keep it at a low level

keep off [keep off something] (insep) (grass, the street, alcohol, cigarettes) avoid something or not touch it

keep on 1 continue doing continue doing something carry on, go on

2 continue wearing [keep something on] continue wearing something

keep on at/about [keep on at something, keep on about something] continue talking to someone or about something in a boring or annoying way

keep out [keep out, keep someone out]stay outside or prevent someone or something from entering

keep to [keep to something] (path, subject, arrangement, routine, plan, rules, regulation, promise, minimum) do what you are supposed to do stick to

keep up (with) [keep something up, keep up with someone] (conversation, payments, pace, speed, good work) continue doing something or remain at the same level

idiom keep up appearences try to make people believe that you have a lot of money and everything is all right when, in fact, that is not true any more

kick in (insep) (claim, reality, benefits, recovery) begin to take effect

kick off (insep) start

kick out [kick someone out] tell someone to leave as place as they are no longer welcome there

kick up [kick something up] (controversy, fuss, row, stink) complain or react angrily to something, maybe causing a problem Stir up

kit out [kit someone out, kit something out] get all the clothes or things you need to do something

knock back 1 drink [knock something back] drink something quickly

2 cost [knock someone back something] cost set back

3 reject [knock something back] (offer, plan, proposal) reject something

4 delay [knock someone back] be a slight problem and delay you set back

knock off 1 finish work (insep) finish work

2 reduce (pounds) reduce something

knock over [knock something/someone over] hit something and make it fall to the ground

knock up 1 [knock something up] make something quickly and easily

2 [knock someone up] (British, informal) make a woman pregnant

knuckle down (insep) start working hard; apply yourself buckle down

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