Dictionary: letter J

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jack in [jack something in] (job, course, studies) stop doing something you don't like pack in

jack up 1 [jack something up] (car) lift something off the ground using a jack

2 [jack something up] (prices, profits, rates, wages) increase

jam on [jam on something] (insep) use something suddenly with a lot of force slam on

jazz up [jazz something up] (party, salad) make something more interesting or exciting liven up

join in (insep) (work, applause, celebrations, fun, game, discussion) take part or become involved in something

join up (insep) become a member of the Armed forces

jot down [jot something down] (address, number, message) make a quick and short note of something

jumble up (insep) (papers, thoughts, ideas, emotions) be all mixed together mix up

jump at [jump at something] (insep) (chance, offer, opportunity) take something quickly leap at

jump off [jump off something] (insep) (bus, train, plane, boat, horse, roof, cliff, bridge) leave a vehicle or a place suddenly by jumping jump on

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