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gang up on [gang up on someone] work as a group to attack or criticize someone.

get about/around/round 1 (insep) go to different places; travel.

2 (insep) (news, rumours, gossip, word) become well known; spread.

3 (insep) (law, rule, problem) avoid or escape the effects of something, such as a rule, without breaking it.

get along get on with

get around to (insep) finally manage to do something.

get away (insep) leave; escape; have a holiday.

get away with [get away with something] (insep) not be punished for something wrong you have done.

get back 1 (insep) return. come back

2 [get something back] recover something. take back

get by 1 (insep) manage to do something.

2 (insep) go past.

get in [get in, get in/into something] (insep) enter a place.

get into [get into something] (insep) (mess, trouble, debt, muddle) become involved in a difficult situation, often without intending to.

get off [get off something] (insep) (bus, train, plane, horse) leave a vehicle or a place. jump off get on

get on, get on with 1 [get on, get on with something] (work) (insep) make progress in something.

2 continue doing something. get along, go on

3 [get on something] (insep) (bus, train, plane, horse) enter or ride a vehicle. get off

4 (with) [get on with someone] (insep) (neighbours, relatives, friends) have a friendly relationship with someone. get along fall out

5 (insep) become old.

get out 1 leave a place or go outside.

2 stop being a secret.

get through 1 (insep) manage to contact someone. be through, come through, put through

2 pass [get through, get through something] (insep) (exam, test, finals) manage to pass. scrape through, sail through

3 use [get through something] (insep) (cigarettes, beer, money) use something or spend it.

get through to [get throgh to someone] (insep) manage to make someone understand something.

give away [give something away] give something to someone for free.

give in 1 (insep) [+ to] admit that you are defeated or cannot do something; yield.

2 (insep) [+ to] (temptation, urge) stop avoiding something that you really want.

give off [give off something] (insep) (heat, energy, light, odour, signal, smell, smoke) emit or discharge something.

give out [give something out] (leaflet, food, money, information) distribute something. hand out

give up [give something up] (chocolate, fatty foods, smoking, hope, job) stop doing or having something; stop attempting to do it.

glam up [glam up, glam yourself up] dress attractively.

gloss over [gloss over something] (insep) (failure, mistake, issue) try to excuse or not to mention something bad.

go about [go about something] (insep) (daily routine, business, work) do something in the usual way or start doing it.

go off 1 (insep) (alarm, bomb, device, gun) explodes or be activated.

2 not be good anymore.

3 [go off someone/something] (insep) stop liking someone. take to

go on 1 (insep) continue doing something. carry on

2 (insep) take place; happen.

go on about [go on about something] talk continuously about something in a boring and annoying way.

goof off (insep, AmE) spend time doing nothing, usually avoiding work. skive off

grow apart (insep) not have a close relationship anymore.

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