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face down [face down someone] (critics, opponent, questioning) defeat an opponent by being brave or bold

factor in [factor something in] (costs) take into account when making a decision

fade away disappear (insep) (noise, music, sound, light, hope) gradually become weaker and disappears die away

fall apart collapse (family, life, marriage, relationship, house, car, business, deal) desintegrate; fall to pieces

fall back on [fall back on someone/something] (insep) turn to someone or something when in difficulty or because no other choice is available; resort to

fall behind (insep) remain at the same level or standard

fall down (insep) fall accidentallly or because something is in a poor state of repair

fall for [fall for someone] (insep) fall in love with someone

fall for [fall for something] be tricked or deceived

fall off 1 fall (insep) (bike, horse, button) separate from something and fall down

2 decrease (insep) (attendance, interest, quality, profits) decrease or become less or fewer drop off

fall out (insep) (a situation, someone) quarrel or have an argument and stop being friends

fall over (insep) fall to the ground

fall through fail (insep) (idea, plan, project, arrangement, scheme, proposal) fail and be abandoned

fed up with something [be fed up with something/someone] (insep) be tired, depressed, bored or no longer interested in someone or something

ferret out discover [ferret something out] (secret, the truth, details, error, facts, information) succeed in finding some difficult or secret information dig out

fight back control [fight something back] (tears, fear, unease, emotions) try to control or not to show an emotion

fight off [fight something off] (infection, cold, illness, attack, enemy, competition) try to avoid or get rid of something

figure out understand [figure something out] manage to understand

fill in for substitute [fill in for someone] (insep) do someone's job temporarily because they can't cover for, sit in for, stand in for

fill in 1 tell [fill someone in, fill someone in on something] (details) give someone information

2 compete [fill something in] (form, cheque, name, coupon, space, questionnaire, hole) complete something with the correct information

fill up [fill up, fill something up] (glass, car, tank, bottle, container, theater) become full

find out discover (information, secret) [find out, find something out] discover or get information

fit in 1 be accepted (insep) be similar to people in a group so they accept you

2 include [fit something/someone in] manage to include it in a reduce space or time squeeze in

fizzle out (insep) gradually come to an end when people become less interested

flake out (insep, informal) fall asleep

flare up (insep) become angry

flick through 1 look quickly [flick through something] (insep) (magazine, book, album, article, photos, cards) read or look quickly at the pages of a magazine or book flip through, glance over, leaf through

2 change [flick through something] (insep) (channels) change repeatedly from one station or channel to another

flip through [flip through something] (insep) flick through

flood in (insep) (people, memories) arrive in big numbers trickle in

flush out [flush someone out] (rebels, resistance, militants, guerrillas, criminals) force someone to leave a place

fob off 1 [fob someone off] (patient, creditor) stop someone complaining by giving them silly answers

2 [fob something off] (responsibility) manage to make someone accept something faulty, worthless or difficult to deal with

follow through (insep) take action so something is completed

follow up [follow something up (with)] do what's needed next to make sure something is successful

fork out/over/up [fork out, fork out something] (insep) have to spend it cough up, shell out, stump up

freak out [freak out, freak someone out] react in an anxious, excited and wild manner to something

freshen up 1 [freshen up, freshen someone up] wash to be clean and comfortable.

2 [freshen something up] make a place look new and attractive

frighten away [frighten something away] make someone or something leave using fear scare away, scare off

frighten off frighten away

fuck about/around (taboo, slang) behave in a stupid way which annoys people

fuck off (taboo) (insep) tell someone in a very offensive way to leave you alone bugger off, sod off, piss off

fuck up [fuck something up] make of mess of something balls up, cock up, mess up

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