Dictionary: letter E

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ease in [ease (someone) into something] (insep) get help to do something or start doing it gradually

ease off (insep) (pain, rain, snow, traffic) becomes less intense

ease out (insep) make someone leave a job or place

ease up ease off

eat away [eat something away] destroy something by eating or by chemical  action

eat in (insep) when you eat in, you eat at home eat out

eat out (insep) eat in a restaurant dine out eat in

eat up [eat up, eat something up] finish eating

egg on [egg someone on] encourage someone to do something silly

eke out 1 [eke something out] (rations, pension, food) make something last longer

2 (existence, living, income, life) try hard to make a living, usually with little money or food scratch out

end up (insep) end somewhere or in a certain way after a series of events. wind up

explain away [explaing something away] give an excuse to avoid blame

eye up [eye someone up] look at someone in a way that shows you are sexually interested in them

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