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call back [call back, call someone back] return a phone call or call again later phone back, ring back

call in 1 visit (insep) pay someone a short visit drop in, pop in

2 [call someone in] (doctor, expert, consultant, police, technician) ask someone, like a doctor or a technician, to come and help you with a problem bring in

call off cancel [call something off] cancel an event be off, put off

call out 1 shout [call something out] announce or say something in a loud voice

2 challenge [call something out] draw attention to unacceptable behaviour

call up phone [call someone up] phone someone

calm down relax [calm down, calm someone down] become more relaxed

carry away [get carried away] behave in a silly way because you are too excited, angry, etc; not know what you are doing

carry on continue (insep) continue doing something go on, keep on

carry out do [carry something out] (survey, investigation, research, review, plan, threat) do a task

carve out get [carve something out] (career, name, reputation, place, role) manage to get something by working hard

cash in get [cash something in] (cheque, pension) get the money

cash in on [cash in on something] (insep) profit or take advantage of something

catch on (insep) (idea, fashion, concept) become popular

chalk up 1 [chalk something up] (goals, losses, success, victory, win) succeed in getting something

2 [chalk something up] write down what someone should pay

3 [chalk something up to] explain something as the result of something else

idiom chalk it up to experience regard a failure as an experience you can learn from

chase away [chase someone/something away] force a person or animal to leave a place with threats or by attacking them

chase off chase away

chat up seduce [chat someone up] talk to someone in a friendly way because you are sexually attracted to them

check in [check in, check something in] arrive at a hotel or airport and report your arrival at reception or check-in desk

check out 1 pay and leave a place

2 [check something out] check that something is correct or it's what you want

cheer up [cheer up, cheer someone up, cheer something up] make someone feel happier

chew over think [chew something over] think about something or discuss it very carefully mull over, think over

chicken out (insep) not do something because of fear

chip in 1 contribute contribute money towards something club together, pitch in

2 interrupt interrupt a conversation butt in

chuck in leave [chuck something in] leave; stop doing something (job, possessions )

clam up (insep) refuse to speak

clean up [clean up, clean something up] wash or clean completely clear up

clear off leave [clear off, clear something off] disappear or be removed

clear up 1 [clear up, clear something up] (kitchen, mess) tidy & clean or remove dirt and clean clean up

2 (doubt, problem, disagreement, misunderstanding, confusion, issue, crime, mystery) find an answer or an explanation for something or settle it sort out

3 (insep) (weather) improve brighten up

climb down (insep) admit you are wrong back down

clock in (insep) register the time when arriving at work clock on clock out, clock off

clock off (insep) leave work or register the time you leave work clock out clock on, clock in

clock on (insep) clock in clock out, clock off

clock out (insep) register the time you leave work clock off clock in, clock on

clogup block (insep) (arteries, pipe, drain, well) block choke up

close down [close something down] (factory, plant, business, company, shop, production, operations) close a place permanently shut down

clue in [clue someone in] give someone the information needed to understand something or let them know what's new clue up

come across 1 meet [come across someone] (insep) meet someone by chance bump into , run into, stumble across

2 find [come across something] (insep) (photo) find something by chance

come forward (insep) offer help or information

come round/around 1 (insep) recover consciousness come to pass out, black out

2 (insep) pay someone a visit drop by

come on 1 start (insep) start

2 (insep) make progress get on

come to (insep) recover consciousness come (a)round, pass out, black out

come through 1 (insep) (call, message, document, authorization, divorce, money, results, news) recieve something

2 survive [come through something] (insep) (car crash, accident, operation, illness, war, ordeal, crisis) survive or recover

come up 1 mention (insep) (issue, point, matter, question, subject) be mentioned bring up

2 appear (insep) (job, vacancy) appear

come up with [come up with something] (insep) (idea, plan, proposal, theory, scheme, solution, suggestion, compromise, money, funding) occur to you or you manage to find it

cool down 1 (insep) become less hot

2 (insep) become less excited

cop out [cop out, cop out of something] (responsibility) avoid something because you are afraid or you don't want to keep your promise

cotton on understand (informal) begin to understand

cough up [cough something up] (informal) (money, name) give someone something because you have to pay up

count on [count on someone] (insep) rely on them to help or support you

crack down [crack down on someone, crack down on something] (informal) (criminals, vandals, extremists) be much stricter than before clamp down on

cram in include [cram in, cram something in] manage to have a lot of people or things in a reduced space or time pack in, fit in

creep away/down/into/etc (insep) gradually or quietly begin to do something

creep on up [creep up on someone] approach someone quietly from behind

crop up (insep) (issues, problems, rumours) appear, often unexpectedly

cut back [cut something back, cut down on something] (spending, public expenditure, expenses, production, budget, costs) reduce something to save money

cut down 1 reduce [cut down, cut down on something] (smoking, cigarettes, sugar, fatty foods; luxuries, spending, cost) reduce the amount you take of something

2 cut [cut something down] (tree, forest) make something fall to the ground by cutting it

cut off [cut something off] (electricity, water) remove something by cutting, separating or stopping it somehow

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