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I asked her out and she said yes.

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Some verbs might have quite a few different meanings. Only the most important ones are listed here.

Pay attention to the examples and the collocations.


account for explain [account for something] (insep) (money, difference, actions) explain or give a reason for something

ache for/to want [ache for something, ache to do something] (insep) really want something

act out 1 perform [act something out] (script, story) perform something or make it into a play

2 express (fantasy, frustration, instincts) express your feelings or ideas

act up (child, car, computer, injury, arm, leg, wound) behave badly, hurt or not work properly  play up

add in include [add something in] (cost, flour, figures) include something or mix it with something else

add on include [add something on] include or add

add up 1 make sense (insep) make sense

2 calculate [add something up] (bill, expenses, figures, numbers) calculate the total

allow for [allow for something] take something into consideration or make it possible

answer back reply rudely

answer for (insep) (actions, behaviour) take the responsibility for something wrong you have done

apply for [answer for something] (insep) (job, permit, permission, grant, scholarship, loan) fill in a form or write a formal letter asking for something

ask after [ask after someone] (insep) inquire how someone is doing

ask about/around (insep) make inquiries

ask for [ask for something] (help, receipt, trouble) request something

ask in [ask someone in] invite someone into your house, office etc

ask out [ask someone out] ask someone to go to the theatre, a restaurant, etc, with you take out

ask over [ask someone over] invite someone to your house

ask round [ask someone round] invite someone to your house

auction off [auction something off] (furniture) get rid of something by selling it at an auction

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