Shopping online for Christmas


Listen to finance expert Paul Banfield talking about shopping online for Christmas.

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we're seeing such a massive spend-up today
Meaning spending money
Examples The Government has announced New Zealand's biggest spend-up on transport - almost $19 billion earmarked for the next 10 years.
Particle up adds no extra meaning in this sentence. It's probably used for emphasis.


This has been going on now, progressively for years
Meaning happening
Examples This surveillance program has allegedly been going on for four and a half years.
Particle on means continue


tend to go on to the company that comes up
Meaning go on: continue | comes up: appears on the screen
Examples I was sufficiently impressed to go on and purchase a copy. | As new jobs come up, we will contact students who have signed with the Odd Jobs database.
Particle on means continue | up means appear


to shop around
Meaning look in different shops to try to find the best offer
Examples You can save a lot of money if you shop around.
Particle around means here and there


take your time, look around
Meaning look in different websites
Examples I got the DVD recorder after looking around for a few months
Particle around means here and there


the credit card that you're paying off in the future
Meaning pay the card company the money yo owe them
Examples I'm praying for a good job so I can pay off my debt quickly.
Particle off means removing - getting rid of something


coming directly out of your account
Meaning you pay with your money rather than on credit
Examples Kids really do think twice when the money is coming out of their own wallets.
Particle out has it literal meaning


the credit card companies have set it up that way
Meaning organized
Examples Since the scheme was set up three years ago a number of projects have been completed and more are planned.
Particle up means starting, creating