Mud wipes out Philippines village


Hundreds of people have died in the village of Guinsaugon in the Philippines, after heavy rains caused a mudslide.

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We're standing in front of the Municipal Hall in Daraga, one of the worst affected towns from Thursday's super typhoon.

The Municipal Hall remains open 24 hours, there is a help desk here for people to come and, basically, register the missing relatives and (1) find out if any of them might have (2) turned up dead or in the morgues.

This is one of the things that they're proudest of and they showed it to us earlier. It's a list of rescued persons. In the las three days. There are thirty-nine names on this list now and basically each one here has a very interesting story to tell of either having survived by (3) clinging on to branches that floated down river or being buried chest deep and having to wait for soldiers to come and (4) dig them up.

But, unfortunately, not everybody in this province has such a happy ending. Forty thousand people have been evacuated from their homes, many of them with no food, no shelter, and nowhere else to go.

International aid has been pledged but it's still not (5) trickling down to the locals. They feel very neglected here and as much as the National State of Calamity has been declared, they're waiting to hear from president Arroyo herself, who has yet to visit the province.



Phrasal verbs

(1) find out: discover

(2) turn up: appear

(3) clinging on: holding tightly to the branches

(4) dig them up: get them out of the mud

(5) trickling down: reaching the local people