Mud wipes out Philippines village


Hundreds of people have died in the village of Guinsaugon in the Philippines, after heavy rains caused a mudslide.

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find out if any of them might have turned up
Meaning find out: discover | turn up: appear

I want to find out exactly what happened there.

I was so happy when you turned up!

Particle out means discover | up means appear


clinging on to branches that floated down river
Meaning hold tightly to the branches
Examples Many people had horror stories of how they cheated death by clinging on to trees.
Particle on means attaching


wait for soldiers to come and dig them up
Meaning get them out of the mud
Examples Workers in Thailand are digging up about 800 bodies that were buried just after the tsunami.
Particle up has its literal meaning


it's still not trickling down to the locals
Meaning reaching the local people
Examples Travelling around the country there are plenty of signs that wealth is trickling down. Bigger cars, electronics shops and smooth, wide roads are all signs of a spending spree of the kind never seen before in modern India
Particle down has its literal meaning