Lawyer stabbed to death


Tom ap Rhys Pryce was stabbed to death in January 2006.

Listen to a statement his father made when the teenagers responsible for his death were sentenced in November 2006.

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nothing can bring Tom back to us
Meaning He's dead and nothing can be done.
Examples I know it can bring back painful memories and she doesn't need this. Let her live in peace.
Particle back means again


the sentences, 17 years and 21 years respectively, handed down today
Meaning announce the punishment
Examples The Department of Commerce handed down fines Tuesday against the captain of the boat for violating federal fishing guidelines.
Particle down means with certainty, firmly.


we must get this message across
Meaning communicate the idea
Examples He is a good public speaker. He has no problem getting his message across.
Particle across means communicating


stamp out this current knife culture
Meaning get rid of it
Examples The authorities must redouble their efforts to stamp out crime and corruption.
Particle out means ending