Diana was not murdered


Listen to Dickie Arbiter, former royal press secretary, commenting on Lord Stevens presentation of his inquiry into the death of Princess Diana.

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Well, I thought he was very meticulous in his presentation. One of the things he did, and he said several times throughout this briefing which lasted almost an hour, was read the report in full. It is 800 pages long, it's not bedtime reading, but he was emphatic, read the report in it entirety.

I think they've done everthing they could possibly do without ... the key witnesses, unfortunately, are dead. But he did say that none of the passengers were (1) belted up, the driver wasn't belted up. The driver was ... excedeed the limit of alcohol in his blood by French standards.

And the other interesting thing he said there was an appearence that he almost lost control of the car before it had connected with the Fiat Uno, and that was before the Alma underpass, not in the Alma underpass.

He was at pains to (2) point out that .. he wasn't blaming them, but he said that they were a contributing factor because the original plan was Dodi and Diana were going to go out for dinner, that was cancelled because the paparazzi were pursuing them, the paparazzi (3) hung around outside the hotel and when they did leave the hotel the paparazzi pursued them and that prompted Henri Paul to put his foot on the accelerator and I think the speed limit mentioned was between 61 and 63 miles an hour, almost double the speed limit in Paris at that time.

There's an unaccountable three hours of what Henri Paul was doing from the time he went off duty to the time that he was (4) called back to the hotel to do the driving. And obviously, yeah, they said that he had a couple of Ricards and probably some other drinks and, yeah, he was well over the limit and he shouldn't have been driving that car.


Phrasal verbs

(1) belted up: they didn't have the seat belt on

(2) point out: he really wanted to emphasize that...

(3) hung around: waited outside

(4) called back: he was asked to return