Diana was not murdered


Listen to Dickie Arbiter, former royal press secretary, commenting on Lord Stevens presentation of his inquiry into the death of Princess Diana.

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none of the passengers were belted up
Meaning they didn't have the seat belt on
Examples As the crash tests show, an airbag is virtually useless if occupants are not belted up.
Particle up doesn't add any extra meaning; it's probably used for emphasis


He was at pains to point out that ...
Meaning he really wanted to emphasize that ...
Examples It's worth pointing out that all complaints, formal or informal, shall be treated in the strictest of confidence.
Particle out means solution.


the paparazzi hung around outside the hotel
Meaning waited outside
Examples There was a group of young people hanging around on the corner of the street.
Particle around means here and there


he was called back to the hotel to do the driving
Meaning he was asked to come back
Examples He turned to leave, but she called him back.
Particle back means returning