Tony Blair visits Iraq


Listen to this Al Jazeera story in December 2006 about Tony Blair's surprise visit to Iraq.

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this is what was going on elsewhere
Meaning what was happening in a different part of the city
Examples I did not know what was going on.
Particle On means continue


before Blair's plane had touched down
Meaning before the plane had landed
Examples The shuttle Discovery has touched down successfully in California after the first mission since 2003's Columbia disaster.
Particle down has its literal meaning of movement


it was carried out by armed men in military uniform
Meaning armed men did it
Examples So far, the Police have no information regarding the identity of the terrorists who carried out the attack.
Particle out means completing


Bunkered away in the Green Zone
Meaning protected in the safe area know as the Green Zone
Examples Immediately after the attacks VP Cheney was bunkered away.
Particle away means in a safe place