How to speed through airport security


American English


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Phrasal verbs in this article:

get on: you really want to get to the plane. On is very often used meaning on board.

caught up: to get stuck. To waste your time there.

speed through: go as fast as possible.

carry-on: the bag you take as hand luggage.

passes through: it's scanned by the machine.

goes through: it's scanned by the machine.

get in/out: getting your lap top in and out of its bag.

bringing through: through suggests completing a process. The same as go through and get through.

set off: activate the alarm. Off is used very often with the idea of starting something.

slip-on: shoes without laces so you take them off and put them on quickly.

take off: off is often used with the meaning of removing.

put back on: wear the shoes again.

sit down: down is often used when you're not standing. Lie down is another example.

get through: complete the process of being scanned or checked at security.