How to speed through airport security


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You're in a rush to get on that flight. The last thing you need is to get caught up in an airport security line.

But, if you pack smart and dress smart, you can speed through that line like a seasoned business traveller.

Here are some tips on packing smart. Organize the contents of your carry-on bag in neat layers. Pack a layer of clothes, then electronics, more clothes and so on. This will give security officers a clear view of what's in your bag when it passes through the X-ray machine.

Consider bying a security friendly bag for your laptop. Security officials are now allowing business travellers to leave their laptops in their bags if those bags meet check-point friendly standards. These bags are designed to provide an unobstracted view of the laptop as it goes through the X-ray machine and it'll save you the time and trouble of getting your laptop in and out of the bag.

If you pack any gifts for your client or colleagues, don't wrap them. A security officer may need to unwrap the gift to inspect it.

And if you're bringing liquids through security, remember, they must be 3.4 ounces or less and must be stored in a clear, one-cord, zip-top bag.

Now, for dressing smart. Remove keys, loose change, heavy jewelry, cell phones, berets, belt buckles and other items that might set off the alarm. You wanna avoid having to undergo additional screening, including a hand one and a pat-down inspection. Wear slip-on shoes if possible. Since you're required to remove your shoes and put them on the belt to be X-rayed, it's wise to wear shoes that you can take off and put back on quickly without having to sit down.

Airport security lines are an unavoidable part of business travel. But if you follow these tips, you should get through with little hassle and be on your way.


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get on: you really want to get to the plane. On is very often used meaning on board.

caught up: to get stuck. To waste your time there.

speed through: go as fast as possible.

carry-on: the bag you take as hand luggage.

passes through: it's scanned by the machine.

goes through: it's scanned by the machine.

get in/out: getting your lap top in and out of its bag.

bringing through: through suggests completing a process. The same as go through and get through.

set off: activate the alarm. Off is used very often with the idea of starting something.

slip-on: shoes without laces so you take them off and put them on quickly.

take off: off is often used with the meaning of removing.

put back on: wear the shoes again.

sit down: down is often used when you're not standing. Lie down is another example.

get through: complete the process of being scanned or checked at security.