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pack in 1 stop [pack something in] (job, course, university) leave something because you find it very difficult to continue chuck in, jack in dejar

2 include [pack something in] include or do as many things as possible fit in

idiom pack it in (british, spoken) tell somebody to stop doing something because it's annoying you

pack up (insep) break (car, computer, system, machine) stop working because of a serious problem break down, pack in romperse

pan out (insep) happen in a particular way suceder

pass away (insep) die morir

pass on [pass something up] (information, message) give something to another person pasar

pass out (insep) lose consciousness black out come round, come to bring round, bring to desmayarse

pass up [pass something up] (deal, opportunity, chance, offer) not take advantage of something; discard snap up, take up no aprovechar, dejar pasar

pass away die (insep) die - used to avoid the word 'die' pass on morir

patch up [patch something up] (differences, quarrel, things, dispute, marriage, friendship) be friends again arreglar, resolver algo

pay in [pay something in] (money, cheque) put money into a bank account

pay off 1 succeed (insep) (plan, planning, gamble, risk, effort, hard work, patience, persistence) be successful valer la pena, dar frutos

2 [pay somebody off] (insep) (debt, loan, mortgage, creditor) pay somebody all the money you owe them so that you are not in debt anymore pagar, devolver

3 [pay somebody off] (insep) (officials) give somebody money so they keep quiet about something illegal sobornar

pencil in [pencil something in, pencil somebody in] make a provisional arrangement or appointment apuntar

perk up [perk somebody up, perk something up] make somebody feel more energetic liven up animar

peter out (insep) (path, track, road, voice, conversation, enthusiasm, supplies, engine, storm, attack, protest) gradully become smaller or less intense and end acabarse, apagarse

phase in [phase something in] introduce something gradually or in stages introducir gradualmente

phase out [phase something out] stop something gradually or in stages eliminar gradualmente

pick up 1 [pick somebody up, pick something up] (friend, passenger, hitchhiker) collect somebody in your car recoger

2 (man, woman) be very friendly with somebdoy and start a sexual relationship with them ligar con

3 (bag, glass, baby, phone) lift something from somewhere lift up recoger

4 (bill, tab, cheque) pay for something pagar

5 (language, idea, habit, English, word, rude words, job) learn something easily, sometimes by chance and without much effort aprender

6 (insep) (the economy, business, pace, prices, sales, speed, trade, demand, weather) get better mejorar

idiom pick up the pieces when you pick up the pieces, you try to go back to a satisfactory situation after things have gone wrong

pig out [pick out, pig out on something] (junk food, fast food) eat a lot of something atiborrarse de

pin down [pick down, pin somebody down to something] (answer, date, time, price, problem) force somebody to make a decision or to say clearly what their intentions are nail down, peg down comprometer, forzar a concretar

pile in [pile in, pile something in] arrive or enter a place in a disorganized way or in large numbers apiñarse, amontonarse

pile on [pile on, pile something on] (criticism, pressure, pounds) say or do too much of something acumularse

pile up (insep) (bills, debts, work) increase a lot and be difficult to manage amontonarse

piss off 1 (insep) tell somebody in a very offensive way to leave you alone bugger off, fuck off, sod off madar al carajo

2 be annoyed or bored with something cabrear

pitch in (insep) join others to help in whatever they are doing chip in aportar, contribuir

plant out [plant something out] put young plants in the ground where you want them to grow trasplantar

play down [play something down] (claims, concerns, dangers, fears, report, problem, speculation, talk, worries) try to make something look less important play up restar importancia

play up [play something up] try to make something look more important than it really is Play down exagerar la importancia

plough ahead (insep) continue with something ignoring any problems or difficulties seguir adelante

plough back [plough something back] (profits) reinvest the money earned

pluck up [pluck something up] (courage) decide to be brave enough to do something armarse de valor

plug in [plug something in] connect a piece of electrical equipment to the main supply of electricity, or to another piece of electrical equipment enchufar

plunge in 1 [plunge in, plunge into something] (insep) (studies) start doing something with enthusiasm dive in lanzarse

2 [plunge somebody/something into something] (chaos, debt, darkness, depression, uncertainty) suddenly experience an unpleasant situation meter, dejar

point out [point something out] (fact, mistake) draw attention to something destacar

polish off [polish something off] (meal, cake) eat something completely or you finish it eat up zamparse

polish up [polish something up] (meal, cake) improve, often by practising or revising mejorar, pulir

pop round (insep) pay a short informal visit pasar por casa de alguien

pop in (insep) pay a short visit call in, drop in pasar por casa de alguien

pop up (insep) appear; often unexpectedly aparecer

prop up [prop something up] support or help in some way apoyar

pull back (insep) get out of a situation or place retirarse

pull out 1 [pull something out] (tooth, nail, plug, gun) extract something extraer

2 ( insep) withdraw retirarse

idiom pull out all the stops do everything possible to make something succeed

pull  through [pull through, pull through something, pull somebody through] (crisis, illness) manage to recover after dealing with a difficult situation recuperarse

pump in [pump something in] (money, cash, funds, supplies) provide money or resources for something pour in meter

pump up 1 fill [pump something up] (tyre, dinghy, balloon, airbed) fill something with air blow up inflar

2 increase subir

push away [push somebody/something away] move somebody or something to a distance from you apartar

push back delay [push something back] (date, deadline) delay; do at a later date put off retrasar

push in (insep) rudely move in front of other people in a queue who have been waiting longer than you US cut in colarse

push into [push somebody into something] try to influence or persuade somebody to do something persuadir, convencer

put about/around [put something about, put something around] (news, rumours, stories) spread bad or false news

put across [put something across] (idea, message, views, concept, point, facts, things, oneself) try to make people understand what you're trying to say expresar, exponer

put aside 1 [put something aside] (food, money, time) save something so it can be used later set aside reservar, guardar

2 [put something aside] (differences, ego, pride) stop considering it set aside dejar a un lado

put away 1 [put something away] put something where it's usually kept guardar

2 send somebody to prison lock up encerrar

3 (food, beers) eat or drink a lot of something atiborrarse de

4 (money, sum) put money in the bank; save put by, lay aside ahorrar

put back [put something back] return something to where it was before

put behind forget [put something behind] try to forget it dejar atrás

put by save [put something by] (money) put money in the bank put away, lay aside ahorrar

put down 1 lower [put something down] stop holding dejar

2 criticize [put somebody down] criticize somebody or make them feel stupid menospreciar, hablar mal de

3 kill [put something down] kill an injured or sick animal sacrificar

idiom put your foot down use your authority to make something happen You have to put your foot down and let her know who's boss.

put down to [put something down to something] (insep) (hard work) think that something is the probable explanation for something achacar a

put forward 1 [put something forward] (idea, plan, proposal, proposition, suggestion) offer something for consideration or discussion proponer

2 (clock, watch) change to an earlier time put back adelantar

put in 1 [put something in] (hard work, effort, hours, time) work hard or spend time doing something dedicar

2 (central heating, lock, window) install something colocar, instalar

3 (application, bid, bill, claim, offer, order, request, protest, tender) request something formally poner, interponer

Idiom Put in an appearence: go somewhere to be seen for a short while, usually because you are expected to go

put off 1 [put somebody off] make somebody change their mind or stop being interested in something disuadir, desalentar

2 [put something off] (meeting, visit, decision) do something at a later date be off, call off posponer

put on 1 [put something on] (clothes, weight) wear something get on take off ponerse

2 [put something on] (radio, TV) make something start working so you can use it switch on, turn on encender

3 [put something on] (exhibition, event, play, show) organize something organizar

put out 1 [put something out] (fire, flames, cigarette, pipe, light, lamp, candle) stop something burning apagar

2 (press release, story, message, statement, report, call, information, issue, description, warning, word) make something public blow out hacer público

put together 1 prepare [put something together] (ideas, plan, proposal, team) prepare something or form a group preparar

2 assemble (kit, machine, model) join the different parts of something ensamblar, montar

put up 1 [put somebody up] give somebody a bed for the night

2 [put something up] (notice, sign, poster, decorations, plaque, ladder, tent, fence, building) put something on a wall or post so that people can see it or use it stick up colocar

3 (prices, rent, taxes) increase something go up subir

4 [put up something] (insep) (fight, struggle, resistance, case, opposition, objections) show a lot of opposition to something resistir, protestar

put up with [put up with somebody, put up with something] (insep) (behaviour, noise, people, rudeness, situation) accept an unpleasant behaviour or situation aguantar



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