Fade away.- (insep) (noise, music, sound, light, hope) When something fades away, it gradually becomes weaker until it disappears; it fades. Die away

  • After a moment the noise faded away, and only the sound of a light breeze, and ringing, filled my ears. 

Fall apart.- (insep) (family, life, marriage, relationship, house, car, business, deal) When something falls apart, it desintegrates or falls to pieces.

  • The building is falling apart.
  • His marriage fell apart when he cheated on his wife.

Fall back on [Fall back on somebody, fall back on something] .- (insep) When you fall back on somebody or something, you turn to them or use it when in difficulty or because no other choice is available; resort to.

  • It's great to have a friend to fall back on.
  • People fall back on alternative medicine when modern drugs don't work.
  • They had no money to fall back on.

Fall behind.- (insep) When you fall behind or something falls behind, it remains at the same level or standard.

  • Your schoolwork has fallen behind.
  • He fell behind with the rent and was asked to leave the flat.

Fall down.- (insep) When you fall down, you fall accidentallly or because something is in a poor state of repair.

  • She fell down and hurt her knees.
  • She tripped and fell down

Fall for [Fall for somebody].-(insep) When you fall for somebody, you fall in love with them.

  • She fell for him in a big way.
  • Why does he always fall for the wrong women.

Fall for [Fall for something].- When you fall for something, you are tricked or deceived.

  • How could you fall for such an old trick?
  • She fell for his talk and bought the encyclopedia.

Fall off.- 1 (insep) (bike, horse, button) When you fall off something, you separate from it and fall down.

  • He fell off his bike and hurt himself.

2 (insep) (attendance, interest, quality, profits) When something falls off, it decreases or becomes less or fewer. Drop off

  • Attendance has fallen off this term.

Fall out.- (insep) (a situation, somebody) When two people fall out, they quarrel or have an argument and stop being friends.

  • They've fallen out over some stupid misunderstanding.
  • I don't like Bill - I fell out with him when he sold me a car that didn't work.

Fall over.- (insep) When you fall over, you fall to the ground.

  • She slipped on the ice and fell over.
  • He fell over and broke his leg.
  • My daughter is learning to walk so she falls over quite a lot.

Fall through.- (insep) (idea, plan, project, arrangement, scheme, proposal) When something falls through, it fails and it's abandoned.

  • The deal fell through for reasons that are not clear.
  • The sale fell through at the last minute.
  • The employees decided not to work for him and his plan fell through.

Fed up with something [Be fed up with something / somebody] .- (insep) When you are fed up with something or somebody, you are tired, depressed, bored or no longer interested in them.

  • Are you as fed up with what's going on in Washington as I am? I've become increasingly concerned about the current direction of our country.

Ferret out [Ferret something out].- (secret, the truth, details, error, facts, information) When you ferret something out, you succeed in finding some difficult or secret information. Dig out

  • She  managed to ferret out the secret.

Fight off [Fight something off].- (infection, cold, illness, attack, enemy, competition) When you fight something off, you try to avoid or get rid of it.

  • I'm taking lots of vitamin C to help me fight off this cold.
  • Stress weakens your immune system, making it harder for your body to fight off infection.

Figure out [Figure something out].- When you figure something out, you manage to understand.

  • Have you figured out what the problem is?
  • I just can't figure her out.

Fill in for [Fill in for somebody].- (insep) When you fill in for somebody, you do their job temporarily because they can't. Cover for, sit in for, stand in for

  • Colleen was pleased that Gwen Swick was able to fill in for her, as Gwen was an old friend and they had worked together many times.

Fill in [Fill somebody in, fill somebody in on something].- (details) When you fill somebody in, or fill somebody in on something, you give them information.

  • My assistant will fill you in on the details.
  • For those who haven't see it, let me fill you in on some of the highlights.

Very common & useful phrasal verb Fill in [Fill something in].- (form, cheque, name, coupon, space, questionnaire,hole) When you fill something in, you complete it with the correct information.

  • She gave me a form and told me to fill it in.
  • You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire designed to measure your quality of life.

Fill up [Fill up, fill something up].- (glass, car, tank, bottle, container, theater) When you fill something up or something fills up, it becomes full.

  • You should always switch off the engine before you fill up with petrol.
  • She filled up the kettle with water and made everyone a cup of tea.

Very common & useful phrasal verb Find out [Find out, find something out].- When you find something out, you discover or get information.

  • What will she say when she finds out?
  • When you lose everything you find out who your real friends are.

Fit in.- (insep) When you fit in, you get on with a group of people or you feel as if belonging to a group.

  • It's difficult for them to fit in with the way of life here.

Flake out .- (insep, informal) When you flake out, you fall asleep.

  • He flaked out on the sofa.

Flare up.- (insep) When you flare up, you become angry.

  • He was an alcoholic and would flare up at anything.

Flick through [Flick through something].- (insep) (magazine, book, album, article, channels, cards) When you flick through something, you read or look quickly at the pages of a magazine or book. It also means to change repeatedly from one station or channel to another. Flip through, glance over, leaf through

  • He flicked through the channels on the TV, hoping for some news.
  • I was flicking through the channels when I saw her on the telly. I couldn't believe it.

Flip through [Flip through something].- (insep) The same as flick through.

Flush out [Flush somebody out].- (rebels, resistance, militants, guerrillas, criminals) When you flush somebody out, you force them to leave a place.

  • The Angolan armed forces have recently flushed out the rebels from the area.
  • In the port of Umm Qasr, to the south, royal marines have been flashing out the last pockets of resistance.

Fob off [Fob somebody off].- (patient, creditor) When you fob somebody off, you stop somebody complaining by giving them silly answers.

  • I keep ringing them and complaining but they just fob me off ! They couldnt care less.

Fob off [Fob something off].- (responsibility) When you fob something off, you manage to make somebody accept something faulty, worthless or difficult to deal with.

  • Don't try to fob off your responsibility on others!
  • I don't want to be fobbed off with excuses, I want to know who is responsible for this problem!

Freak out [Freak out, freak somebody out].- When you freak out, you react in an anxious, excited and wild manner to something.

  • My parents would freak out if I talked to them about this.
  • Don't freak out and do something stupid every time something bad happens.

Frighten away [Frighten something away].- When you frighten somebody or an animal away, you make them leave using fear. Scare away, scare off

  • They feel a refinery would frighten away tourists and potential tourism investors.

Frighten off.- the same as frighten away.

Fuck about.- (taboo, slang) When you fuck around, you behave in a stupid way which annoys people.

  • After a ridiculous amount of fucking about and watching crap on TV, I eventually persuaded them to leave.

Fuck around.- The same as fuck about.

Fuck off.- (taboo) (insep) When you tell somebody to fuck off, you tell them in a very offensive way to leave you alone. Bugger off, sod off, piss off

  • He started yelling at me again and then told me to fuck off.

Fuck up [Fuck something up].- When you fuck something up, you make of mess of it. Balls up, cock up, mess up

  • Every time we win, we go and fuck up the next match with a stupid result.



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