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Audio Help


To listen to the audio files on this site you will need to have the Flash Player plug-in installed on your computer.

Make sure your speakers or headphones are plugged in and turned on.

The sound on you computer may be turned off Find the sound icon and turn it on

The Forward button will switch between normal speed and slow speed. This is done by playing two different files. You can see how the length of the file changes in the progress bar when you click the fast forward button.

If controls appear not to work just wait a while till the download is complete and click stop and fastward buttons again.

If you have problems with the page, please consider upgrading your browser and flash plug-in to the latest version.

Saving mp3s to your hard disc

Saving files to your hard drive is a good idea when you have a slow internet connection or when you want to listen to the file on a portable device.

To save the slow version of files just add the word slow to the file name before downloading. For example, to download the slow version for the Britney file, change the given file name, britney.mp3, for britneyslow.mp3 in the save window.

Help on Download and Plug-ins from the BBC