Given up for dead


Listen to the story of the woman who was given up for dead. Stella Georgestone was in a comma when doctors told her family their life support machine was to be turned off.

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given up for dead
Meaning stop expecting her to recover
Examples The couple have given up trying to keep their relationship quiet and were recently spotted having a romantic yacht cruise around Italy.
Particle up means stop. Compare: use up, let up


machine should be switched off
Meaning disconnected
Examples What's the point of having a mobile if you're going to switch it off.
Particle Off means disconnect. Compare: turn off, cut off,


her loved ones refused to give up on her
Meaning kept hoping she would recover
Examples I heard one chap at work say that he had given up on relationships as they were too complicated.
Particle up means stop. Compare: use up, let up


slipped into a coma
Meaning went into a coma
Examples He slipped into a coma and died the next morning.
Particle into means change. Compare: change into, turn into


machine was to be turned off
Meaning disconnected
Examples She turned off the TV and went to bed.
Particle Off means disconnect. Compare: switch off, cut off,


Stella is almost back to her normal self
Meaning the same as before
Examples Keep him warm, quiet, and comfy until he's back to normal. He'll probably be OK later today or tomorrow.
Particle back means again. Compare: go back, phone back


if I did come out of it
Meaning recover
Examples When I came out of the operation I had stopped smoking and stopped taking drugs.
Particle out means the result of sth. Compare: be out, get out